Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy

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 Client Testimonials

"If you love yoga or are new to yoga, Sue's class is perfect for you. She will make you feel completely at ease, explaining each posture & it's benefits. With a good relaxation period to finish, it leaves you feeling fully refreshed & ready to face the world, stronger & healthier.
Sue is also a superb massage therapist, paying particular attention to any problem areas you may have. A real treat any time!" Karen Elliott


"Since I started yoga with you it has mad eme feel so much better in body & mind. I used to do yoga about 4 years ago, but had to give it up due to family commitments, but now I have more time to myself, joining your class has been such a great help. Most pleasurable!" Sue Regan


"Yoga with Sue is an invigorating & enjoyable experience. Since joining her regular classes about 6 months ago, I feel more flexible physically & energised. Sue encourages us to follow our bodies as we each have different levels of flexibility & she varies what we do in each class". Angie

"Sue provided a fantastic class to explain a sequence of postures designed to improve the flexibility & core strength of our rowers. The relaxed class was just what we needed & Sue's clear instructions means that each person can continue to practice the postures, wherever  are in the country. We are already feeling the benefitson the water after only a few weeks". RAF Rowing Club