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Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

" I was really torn between pregnancy pilates or pregnancy yoga, having already done pilates for a bad back but having Sue's yoga classes highly recommended by my midwife. I did some research about both online and still couldn't decide. I booked into both in the end, slightly sceptical that yoga may be a bit 'hippy' for me. However, after attending my first class with Sue I was hooked and gave up the pilates.
I loved having some time out to simply focus on myself and my unborn baby and begin developing our bond. We learnt some techniques to help during labour and the birth and also did lots of work on the pelvic floor muscles.
The classes were always really positive and with a chance each week to share pregnancy stories/worries and excitment which was often reassuring and again left me feeling positive.
I have now had my baby and have signed up for mother and baby yoga with Sue which my son and I both love. I really enjoy the opportunity to do something fun and structured with him and feel we both benefit from attending classes. These classes have built my confidence as a mother from the yoga and massage we practice each week, helping my baby and I get to know each other better, and the sharing of information between other new mums. Again, Sue makes these classes very positive and there is never a worry about if babies need to be fed, changed or sleep. Despite it being a positive thing, that these classes help with, i'll be really sad when my son becomes mobile and it is time to say goodbye to Sue". (Deborah Jan'18)

'I would definitely recommend pregnancy yoga with Sue to all those ladies having babies! I found the classes helpful to both me and my baby physically and mentally. I looked forward to coming on Thursdays to focus on my breathing techniques and strengthen my body through Yoga. It was also lovely to listen and share experiences with other mums to be which helped me a lot too. Sue is great, caring, always smiling and will make you feel very welcome! I will definitely be at mother and baby yoga!' (Ali May'18)

"I have really enjoyed Pregnancy Yoga with Sue, it has been very relaxing, informative and the breathing techniques that we were taught really helped me during labour. The class created an opportunity to relax and prepare in body and mind for childbirth. Practicising labour breathing was very valuable, and learning how to relax which I was not previously very good at.  A  relaxing class in which I met and shared experiences with other pregnant women. 

Thank you for all your help and your kind, calming influence, I cant wait to join your mother and baby class soon" (Reina April '18)

'Sue's yoga class was the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy - it was wonderful to tune out the chaos and focus on myself and my baby for a little while. The 'round robin' at the beginning of each class was a great opportunity to let off steam a bit and Sue was full of little tips that helped me to stay calm and positive about the whole experience. The yoga was just the right pace for me to feel relaxed and lightly exercised, and I made several new 'mum' friends who I still see today. I highly recommend Sue's classes - the mother and baby yoga is great too!' (Emily Feb '18)

"The weekly yoga sessions with Sue were a real highlight of the week for me during my pregnancy. It keeps you fit, chills you out and prepares you for labour. I recommend it to all!"(Rachel Dec '17)

"I personally loved my yoga classes with Sue and looked forward the class each week. It was my first pregnancy and I had some anxiety about the birth I found the classes really helped me to relax and connect with my baby.
I have recommended the class to lots of my friends as I felt it got me through labour and helped me cope, the midwifes were impressed with my breathing techniques!" (Katie Nov '17)

"I absolutely loved Sue's pregnancy yoga classes. Sue was always so warm, friendly and helpful. Equally, all the ladies were very welcoming and open, so it also acted like a support group. And most importantly, it helped me feel calm and connected to my baby each week, whilst preparing me for labour. Arya was born through the "golden breath!" (Helen Nov'17)

"Sue is such a wonderful lady, who has definitely found her calling & I would recommend her pregnancy yoga classes to anyone. No need to have done any yoga before. The weekly sessions helped me to stay so relaxed & comfortable throughout pregnancy, providing a little 90 minute oasis away from the world. I gained a better understanding of how my body was changing and how to strengthen the right muscles.
Sue's cheerful nature added fun to the classes helping me prepare for birth; potential positions and noises.
The breathing exercises helped keep me, and the other half, calm throughout labour and we welcomed our beautiful bundle of joy to the world after an uncomplicated birth using the techniques I'd learnt, along with just gas & air and a tens machine. 
All I can say is a massive thank you to Sue! Can't wait to come back for Mother & Baby yoga with you"! (Lucia Sep'17)

"Pregnancy yoga with Sue formed a wonderful part of my pregnancy with my first baby, earlier this year. Coming together with ladies at varying stages of pregnancy to be led by Sue in yoga practise allowed me a dedicated space each week, where I could focus solely on me, my pregnancy and my baby - something I found brought me great physical and mental benefits. The yoga positions and breathing techniques helped me enormously during the latter stages of my pregnancy. I absolutely loved the positive energy Sue spreads. Her knowledge of pregnancy and birth and empathy with mums were a terrific bonus to attending the classes. I definitely recommend pregnancy yoga with Sue to any Mummies to be! (Charyn July'17)

"I started Sue's pregnancy yoga at 14 weeks pregnant, I'd just hit a point where I was feeling really tired and lethargic and exercise went out of the window. Sue's yoga revitalised me and helped improve my motivation drastically. This is my first pregnancy and I felt that Sue helped me to gain a really positive perspective of labour and provided lots of information about how to manage my anxieties about birth. She shares lots of positive birth stories and was so helpful and approachable about any worries or questions I had. I would definitely recommend any mum to be to take part in Sue's yoga, it's a fantastic way to exercise and Sue provides a calming, fun, friendly and informative yoga session. It's the best thing I did when I was pregnant, I also met lots of different ladies who I'm still in contact with now" (Helen July'17) 

"Pregnancy yoga with Sue made the physically difficult parts of my pregnancy much more manageable. I had some lower back ache, some reflux and also fluid build up - for all of which Sue was able to offer ways to ease my discomfort and stretch out my back by offering specific moves in the sessions and giving me the confidence to know what to do when I was back at home. The breathing techniques with added visualisation were strong anchors for me during the early phase of labour. The Golden Breath was really quite powerful. I also made friends with two other new mums to be on the course".  (Hayley May'17)

" Sue's pregnancy yoga helped me so much in my first pregnancy that as soon as I could I booked straight on for my second pregnancy. It did so much to help me physically but it also gave me time each week to just be with my baby and really become aware of them growing with me. Proper mummy to be down time (which I valued even more second time around!). I highly recommend Sue's classes for absolute every Mummy to be. Thank you Sue!"

(Amy Apr'17)

"I really needed antenatal yoga classes! The movements and relaxation were so beneficial and made me feel refreshed every week. And it was lovely to sit with other women at various stages of pregnancy and hear about their weeks. Most of all for me, as a mum of two other young children, this felt like one of the only times I could really focus on my baby and start bonding with him. I had planned a home birth and Sue was incredibly helpful and supportive; providing information and encouragement when I was losing confidence in my choice. Happily I had a wonderful home birth and made good use of my yoga movements and breathing". (Laura Mar'17)


"I joined Sues pregnancy yoga after having never done any yoga before. I was a bit sceptical but actually proved to be the best thing I ever did. I was petrified of child birth and began my journey wanting all the drugs I could get and an epidural but soon into pregnancy yoga I was changing my mind and went from being petrified to looking forward to my birth and wanting to have as natural birth as possible! I highly recommend these classes, the yoga helped me mentally and physically and sharing my pregnancy highs and lows with other pregnant women on a weekly basis was great. Sue is a brilliant instructor and takes individual care and interest in her pregnant ladies and all our worries, aches and pains! Now I do mother and baby yoga and love it" (Lisa - Feb '17)

"I couldn't recommend pregnancy yoga enough with Sue. It gave me that time to focus on my baby and away from day to day life which was so special. 

It helped me to keep fit in a safe way during pregnancy and the breathing techniques I learnt to help me better cope with what was to come during child birth were invaluable. On top of that I was able to meet other mums in the area. Thank you so much." (Holly - Nov'16)

"I would highly recommend Pregnancy Yoga with Sue. It is a very friendly class so as a yoga novice I felt very welcome, and it is a great way to meet other expectant Mums in the area. The breathing exercises helped hugely during labour and I honestly don't think I could've have done it without them!
Sue is a fantastic teacher and I cannot recommend the class highly enough".

(Jo, November '16)
"I really loved doing yoga throughout my pregnancy with Sue and would recommend it to anyone who is expecting. The sessions helped me to keep active through my pregnancy as well as providing me with breathing techniques and postures that I could do at home and during labour. The breathing techniques were particularly valuable when I had my son and really helped me through his delivery. Sue is a wonderful teacher who creates a warm and calming atmosphere during the sessions and I'm really looking forward to joining her for mother and baby yoga soon". (Carly - November 16)

" With a hectic lifestyle, Sue's classes were the highlight of my week during pregnancy. They taught me how to relax and I felt I really connected with my baby. With complications in labour I was able to put all the breathing techniques and positions into practice, which kept me calm and I managed to have my little boy naturally. Now we come to mother and baby classes and I love that we can continue our journey with Sue. She is a wonderful teacher, with great knowledge, and she puts you at ease, always offering guidance and support. (Lorna - October '16)

"I wanted to keep active throughout my pregnancy and take time out to relax from my busy job to ensure I kept stress levels down. As soon as I met Sue I knew I was in the right place! The classes would take into account any pregnancy  niggles that ladies were dealing with to ensure the session was tailored to our needs. You could go at your own pace but, if you wanted to, Sue would (within reason!) make sure you were pushed to get a good yoga workout. I used the breathing techniques learnt in the class during my labour and would highly recommend pregnancy yoga with Sue, so much so that I'm now embarking on mother and baby yoga with my beautiful baby boy!" (Emma - October'16)

"Well I believe Sues pregnancy yoga is a must for every expecting mummy. I absolutely loved every minute of it and looked forward to every class, so I could have an hour and a half of pure time to myself in my own space relaxing and enjoying time with other mums to be. I've met some wonderful friends and drank far too much coffee. Something I think is really important going into the unknown in the next chapter of my life. 

So..... I had to try yoga with my new baby Margot. And what a joy it's been we've enjoyed every Tuesday morning singing songs, massaging Margot and having a moment to unwind and stretch everything out in my own but a little noisier space, something very important with being so busy in this new life. Yes it's a little different to before but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We have loved every minute listening to lots of stories, laughing and meeting the worlds best yoga teacher who is absolutely brilliant, Sue may not have been in that delivery room ( I soooo would have loved her there in person) but her voice was there the whole way through helping me breath and telling me I could do this. And my I made it, I did it and came through it to the other side to this amazing world of mummy hood where we can enjoy all our wonderful classes together. One of them yoga with Sue a magical precious hour spent with my baby. Thank you Sue Xxxxx" (Clare & Margot May'16)

"Dear Sue, thank you for your classes and the way you prepared me for the birth of my baby girl. Thanks to your yoga I became less anxious and more relaxed about the labour. It was incredible to 'have survived' the contractions using only the breath techniques you taught me plus a few other tips. I made it through to full dilation! Apart from the yoga itself that I love, I value your passion to what you do. I could always feel very welcome and cared about in your classes. I am now looking forward to come to mother & baby yoga!" (Beata May'16)

"I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga sessions.
I have practised for over 10 years and I wanted to keep up the practisethroughout my pregnancy, and managed to attend the class up to 38 weeks.
The classes were a lot more active than thought they would be, so helped me maintain my muscle strength, but also helped me forget how big I was growing.
Learning the golden breath was the most useful tool for my labour, to control my contractions and keep me calm throughout."          (Amanda May'16)

"I started pregnancy yoga with Sue just after I turned 12 weeks pregnant & continued close to the end of my pregnancy. Yoga helped me relax & prepare my body & mind for labour. Aside from the preparation for labour Sue and the group were a great source of weekly support I could share any concerns I had and Sue and the group put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend pregnancy yoga with Sue. As soon as I have had my 6 week check I will be joining the yoga & baby massage class with Lexi-Rae.
Ps - Sue is also great at pregnancy massage to help get rid of those aches and pains"
                                                                                                                (Sarah May '16)
"I had never tried yoga classes before and was rather nervous, especially as I was not at all flexible and was feeling rather odd in my ever changing body..! Sue could not have been more welcoming - she explains everything very clearly and her caring nature really puts you at ease in the classes. It was really nice to have an evening each week put aside for relaxation and strengthening, but most importantly I found it gave me time to focus on my baby. I would recommend Sue's classes most warmly."                             (Jackie May '16) 


"I really enjoyed pregnancy yoga with Sue. It was my one time each week to escape my crazy life and just focus on me and baby, which I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from both physically and emotionally. After a quick unexpected delivery with my last baby I was quite anxious about Jake's arrival, but the yoga breathing techniques certainly helped me to remain calm and focused. The pelvic floor work has certainly helped post-delivery too! I miss that hour or so of tranquillity and escapism - I shall remember those classes with great fondness, and the friendships I have made through them. Thanks Sue xx "  
                                                                                                                           (Jo  Jan'16) 
"I found your classes brilliant Sue, especially all the breathing exercises which I used to get me through those contractions! Will definitely be recommending your classes to all pregnant ladies"                                                                                            (Natalie Jan'16)                                                                                                        
"I have really enjoyed pregnancy yoga with Sue. Each class was relaxing and also equipped me with tools to use during labour, which I did! Before every class we would all share how we felt and what we were experiencing that week. This made the symptoms of pregnancy bearable as you knew you weren't alone in this and share tips on dealing with it! Our 'round robin' allowed Sue to plan her lessons to help with hip, back or whatever pain you were experiencing! I will definitely be joining Sue's yoga classes if I'm lucky enough to fall pregnant again!                                                                                           (Laura Dec '15) 

"Sue's classes allowed me to continue my love of practising yoga even when I could barely waddle across the room!  She knew just what movements and stances to use and the relaxation at the end of every class was perfect!"                                      (Niki August '15)  

Pregnancy yoga was really enjoyable and a great way to prepare you for labour. The breathing techniques we did really helped and I put into practice everything I learnt on the day. I laboured really well and I think a lot of it had to do with all the pevic floor exercises we did and focusing on my breathing during the birth. Thank you Sue, looking forward to baby yoga now!"                                                                                               (Cheryl June '15)
"I can't recommend Sue's pregnancy yoga classes highly enough! I looked forward to them every week as it was a great opportunity to relax and stretch away pregnancy niggles in a welcoming and relaxing environment.The breathing techniques Sue taught me were invaluable during labour and really helped me to focus. I also love Sue's mother and baby yoga classes- great fun and a great way to meet other mums and babies!!" (Tiff July '15)
"I thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes, they were a great way to meet other mums-to-be and discuss pregnancy issues & provide support to each other. I left each class feeling totally relaxed from the yoga and the breathing. When i was in labour the breathing really helped me through my contractions, I did not need any pain relief during my labour. I would definitely recommend these classes with Sue"                              (Caroline May '15)

"Pregnancy yoga with Sue is a highlight of my week, I come away from the class feeling so relaxed and chilled out, with a good nights sleep virtually guaranteed! Sue makes sure you feel at ease with everything you do offering versions of all exercises to suit how you feel on the evening. She is super knowledgeable and exudes calm!"                    (Leanne Feb '15)                                                                                                                                             

"I have found pregnancy yoga a great way to stay active & do something extremely positive for myself and my baby. I look forward to it every week & found it invaluable in terms of helping to manage new challenges I will face! The techniques are both calming & strengthening - will be doing this until the baby is born!"                                (Sam Feb '15)                                                                                

"Many of my friends who have had babies, always raved about doing pregnancy yoga classes and how it helped them not only through their pregnancies but also their labour - and thereafter.I was quite dubious as I'd never attended a yoga class but wanted to try. When I got in contact with Sue, I was instantly put at ease and made to feel so welcome. I have been going now for nearly 2 months and always look forward to my Thursday nights with Sue and the other ladies in my class.

Sue really is a lovely lady, and a great yoga teacher - its never uncomfortable, you don't feel like you can't ask questions and you come away learning about things you may have been unaware of before. I absolutely love Sue's classes and would recommend to anyone who is interested or just curious on ways in which they can prepare themselves and their bodies for the arrival of their little baby".                                                                     (Hannah Feb '15)                                  
 "As a full time working mother of two, and pregnant with my third, finding time for exercise let alone relaxation is tough. Going to Sue's class has given me the perfect combination of having time for me and doing something beneficial for my baby!! I have learnt new skills for dealing with everything from heartburn to stress, plus the class is fun and informal. I truly enjoy this class and will looking to continue my practice with Sue after this baby is born. I can't recommend her class enough!!!"                                  Suzanne Williams (July '14)