Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy

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"Thank you Sue for everything you taught me. I had a completely different birth than I thought I would, but the skills you taught me in the Pregnancy yoga classes, especially my golden breath, which was my saviour, worked wonders and I cannot thank you enough. I had never been in hospital before, so being taken to theatre was scary, but my breath came into play and kept me calm & focused. Thank you Sue for helping me help my daughter to arrive in the world".     (Laura G May 2015)

"I delivered in the pool at Aylesbury birth centre, using yoga breathing techniques only. The midwives who delivered my baby boy were very complementary about my breathing & the birthing positions I adopted - all of which I learnt in your pregnancy yoga classes. Although labour did hurt (fact!) if you embrace this & focus on your breathing you will get through it and have a wonderful birthing experience. Trust your bodies as Sue always says, let go of pain. I kept this in mind throughout my labour as I adopted my golden breath. Sue, thank you for your wonderful pregnancy yoga classes, I have no doubt my birth experience would have been very different had I not attended pregnancy yoga" (Caroline - March'15)


"I found the pregnancy yoga wonderful to relax & energise myself, even when extremely tired and uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy. It helped relieve my back pain wonderfully & after yoga I had the best nights sleep each week. The breathing techniques really helped me stay calm during labour and I felt like I had a workout each week! I miss it already! I had tried other yoga classes and your classes were the best.....thank you Sue! xx" (Frankie - Oct'14).


"I practiced yoga throughout my pregnancy from 3 months. It was a great way to continue practicing yoga safely to keep me fit. I also found it a wonderful way to keep relaxed and calm when I was finding pregnancy tough. Pregnancy yoga taught me some great techniques for labour, in particular, ways to use breathing to help manage pain. I was induced @10days past my due date and it was a long and at times difficult labour, but this is where the breathing techniques I had learned with Sue really helped. I breathed my way through each contraction, with my husband counting down the breaths until the contraction passed. I also used the different types of breathing we practiced in class as pain increased. Having my breathing to focus on - breathing that helped to keep the pain manageable - really helped me cope with my long labour. Thank you Sue, I'm so grateful". (Louise P - Aug'14).

"I have loved yoga for years, so when I found out I was pregnant I was keen to find a pregnancy yoga class. I actually tried a few different instructors locally, but found the courses quite dull. I only found Sue when I was 30 weeks, but her classes were exactly what I had been looking for. I left the class feeling like I had had a work out, which is so refreshing when heavily pregnant and feeling like a 'sack of spuds'! Sue incorporates yoga postures and sets levels for each one, so you can really challenge yourself if you feel up to it, or if you are not feeling great that day you can stop at the lower level. Sue's classes really helped maintain my fitness and flexibility & I wish I had found her earlier and done both her classes each week! (Jess E - Aug'14)

"I started Sue's pregnancy yoga classes at 34 weeks & continued through to 40 weeks. I found Sue's classes excellent: sufficiently challenging to make me feel that I was doing a workout, but at the same time I completely trusted Sue to amend the postures if necessary to ensure no harm came to me or my baby. The yoga breathing practice we did also really helped me during labour & I'm sure it contributed to the fact that I was lucky enough to have a natural and active birth. There was always a lovely & very friendly atmosphere in the classes. I can highly recommend Sue's pregnancy yoga classes and just I had discovered them sooner!

(Vanessa S - Dec'14)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Sue's classes before, during & after pregnancy!! Sue is a very intuitive teacher who works with your individual needs & abilities. Her constant encouragement has helped me to achieve things I never thought I would be able to do! I found the pregnancy classes invaluable, as they taught me to work with my ever changing body, to relieve discomfort and more importantly how to breathe properly, which I have been able to apply in all manner of stressful situations. I can't recommend the classes enough" (Davina - July '14)

"Everything you taught us in class really contributed to the birthing experience I had hoped for. I found the classes helped me to embrace my pregnancy and you taught us it is ok to concentrate on ourselves and our babies. For the 1st stage of my labour the lovely figure of 8's you got us to do with our hips every week helped with the contractions (both my husband & midwife were amused with my funny dance!!). However, in the 2nd stage of labour I found the focus on the mental strength that you kept drumming into us with those arm exercises most helpful. I kept this in mind every time I had a contraction and things started to get really tough!!. Thank you for everything.(Kerry - December '14)