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YOGA Local Hatha Yoga, YIN Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Mother & Baby Yoga classes, Doula Services & Workshops in Naphill & Hughenden, near Walters Ash, Princes Risborough, Lacey Green, Downley, Great Kingshill & High Wycombe - daytime,  evening & week-end classes. 

It is advisable to leave at least 2 hours between eating a meal and attending a class & remember to bring along a mat if you have one and a drink of water. You are welcome to get in touch with me and ask any questions about the different classes & if they may be suitable for you. Join us and see what a difference yoga can make to your life.

Tuesday     9.45 - 11am      Hatha/Flow Yoga -  Naphill Village Hall HP14 4SX (Drop-in class £10)

Tuesday     11.15 - 12.15     Mother & Baby YogaNaphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm  Hatha/Flow - Hughenden Village Hall, Hughenden HP14 4NX (Drop in class £10)

                                            NO class on 3rd Wednesday of each month;

                                           (NO class on Wednesday 19 June)


Thursday     7.30 - 9pm    Pregnancy Yoga - Hughenden Village Hall, Hughenden HP14 4NX

Friday          11 - 12.15      Hatha/Flow Yoga - Naphill Village Hall, Naphill (Drop in class £10)

Next block of BEGINNERS classes start on Saturday 7th September 9-10am Naphill Village Hall - if you would like a place on this 4 week block, do get in touch!   

(Classes will break on Thursday 20th June - re-start on Wednesday 3 July)                                            


"Sue's yoga classes are brilliant, they are friendly and welcoming and Sue makes the class fun as well as making you work! They are a great combination of exercise for the muscles and calming for the mind. I always feel balanced and rejuvenated in both mind and body after a class. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wants to try yoga for the first time or who wants to practice yoga regularly and treat themselves to some important relaxation time." (Emma April'18)

"Having never tried yoga before I was a little sceptical.  I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and looked forward to each session.  As a result I feel more able to relax, appreciate my down time and I understand making time for myself is so important. I will certainly be carrying on with yoga and can recommend it to anyone willing to give it a go." (Claire March'18).



NEXT block starts on Thursday 6th June (Dates: Thursday 6,13 & 20 June & 4,11 & 18 July)

Weekly classes every Thursday evening in Hughenden Village Hall. The classes combine breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy, giving birth and to cope with the demands of 'being a Mum". We do different yoga each week, specifically tailored to the relaxin that pregnant ladies have in their bodies, leaving you energised and yet relaxed. We practice different positions for giving birth, pelvic floor work and then close with a nourishing relaxation.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for those 12+ weeks, it's also a great way to meet other 'mums-to-be' and share your exciting journey together. The classes run in 6 week blocks and classes are payable in advance.

'I had never been to yoga classes before, but as this was my second pregnancy, and having not exercised in my last, I thought I would give it a go. So glad I found Sue’s class, and signed up for two block sessions up to 37weeks into my pregnancy. Sue is a very experienced instructor and this shows in her teaching. She makes you feel relaxed and welcome, and you feel supported by the other mums through sharing weekly stories in your pregnancy journey. I gave birth to my daughter at 37 weeks, I achieved a successful VBAC with no intervention, and had a relatively short labour. I truly believe that the relaxation breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises and gentle strengthening exercises, as well as Sues voice in my head throughout labour helped my daughter enter into this world easily. I cannot recommend this class enough. I learnt that Labour  is not painful, it’s a journey one step closer to meeting your baby. And to trust your body as it knows exactly what to do' (Dannielle Mar'19) 

'The pregnancy yoga class 100% helped me through my labour. As well as a great stretch and gentle workout, we also focussed on our pelvic floor (which I’m forever grateful for!) and our breathing. I used this breathing throughout my labour and felt it really helped ease everything along. Sue is amazing, so positive, chatty and absolutely brilliant at what she does. I’d always recommend her classes to anyone!' (Natalie Jan'19)

'I loved my time at the group, Sue was so friendly & welcoming, it felt special to have the time bonding with my unborn baby and meeting supportive mummies all going through the same experience. It was the one time of the week I could relax and focus on just me and my baby without all the distractions of day to day life. Thank you 🙏 Sue for that special time' (Natalie Dec '18)

"What a lovely group and a fantastic yoga instructor! Sue is absolutely fantastic at what she does and instantly made me feel at ease on my first session....the other ladies were so welcoming...felt part of the group straight away I found myself counting down the days each week to the class..always made me feel better and had a fantastic night sleep after! Could have quite easily taken part in a session every day! I will definitely miss coming to pregnancy yoga now I have had my little girl, but have already signed up for mother and baby yoga!
I thoroughly recommend joining Sue's won't be disappointed!" (Corinne September '18)

"I was a complete Yoga novice when starting Sue’s class & have to admit I was a little nervous! I really needn’t have been though, Sue is total dream & I was welcomed with open arms. I also got to meet lots of lovely Mummy’s-to-be. 

Sue’s classes really helped ease a lot of my pregnancy aches & pains & the mediation at the end of the class of was a particular highlight - I never would have thought someone could have me falling asleep just by using encouraging words & their tone of voice! 

The breathing techniques taught were a godsend, my birth experience this time around was completely different (in the best way possible). Sue has a great ‘can-do’ attitude, & I definitely took her positivity with me into the delivery room. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue’s classes, my only regret... that I didn’t sign up sooner!! 

I’m very much looking forward to starting Mother & Baby yoga & would just like to say huge thank you again for everything!"

(Beverley July '18) 

'Sue's Pregnancy yoga classes were the highlight of my week, no matter how tired I felt, her yoga class always made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Just being in Sue's presence makes you relax! The course really helped prepare me for the labour and helped me stay calm throughout the pregnancy.  It's also a great way to meet other mums and swap pregnancy stories. I'm looking forward to starting Sue's mother and baby yoga as soon as Millie is 6 weeks old!' (Hannah June'18)

'I started pregnancy yoga with no previous experience and was really not sure what to expect. Being a first time mum I was also extremely nervous about the whole birthing experience that was to come. However Sue was extremely encouraging and after my first session I felt really empowered, and for the first time felt like ‘I can do this!’. The sessions provided me with different breathing techniques, birthing positions and coping mechanisms, all of which I used during my labour. Sue is a outstanding yoga teacher and her positive demeanour is infectious and ensures you leave with a positive mindset ready to take on the hurdles that labour can throw at you. Thank you Sue, a truly fantastic experience. I will most definitely be back when/if we have another one' (Nicki May'18)


These classes can be started as soon as Mum has had her 6 week post-natal check (you are welcome to join the classes at any time during the block if there are places available).

A typical class will include baby massage, to help with any digestive issues, such as reflux, colic, wind & constipation. It also helps with teething through massage of baby's jaw & mouth and by settling the baby will help with sleeping patterns. For Mum, it helps to connect to your baby and builds confidence in handling your baby.

Baby yoga baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (& inspires) their mums; breathing with movement for the mums & postures-for-two to give mums & babies new ways to relate to each other. Baby yoga strengthens baby's muscles, joints and spines in a safe way, helping to improve immunity and increase blood flow. They also help develop co-ordination.

These classes help with postnatal recovery as they are safe, fun, gentle & energising for mums. They are an excellent way to meet other new Mums with their babies. The classes run in short blocks of 6.

"Thank you Sue for your wonderful classes. I have enjoyed coming each week to Pregnancy Yoga & Mummy & Baby, Each class we were made to feel very welcome, they were well planned to meet everyone's needs. You always took time to ensure we did each pose correctly and we were comfortable. This really helped me in many ways while being pregnant & uncomfortable, gently stretching out. I did practice my new skills at home when I couldn't take part in my usual exercises.

Then once my baby was born we loved Mummy & Baby yoga. It was great to have some time to exercise myself with my baby alongside. My baby loved his yoga & massage I gave him. If he could sit still now, I would continue, but he is moving so fast! I am sure he is very strong as he enjoyed the new experiences at the class and spending time gently stretching too.

Thank you again, from (Charlotte & Thomas October'18)

"The first time I attended Mum & Baby yoga it was recommended by a friend and that friend already attended. I got benefit out of the yoga and the mindfulness it gave me.For my second child it was different as I had moved into Bucks and knew no one, so it was more of a 'give it a go' approach.
It surpassed my expectations. Sue was so welcoming and the sessions were fun and I looked forward to the sessions each week and was disheartened if I couldn't make a session. Sue's style and personality mean that she creates a safe place to focus on your body and mind, give yourself space, create connections and memories with your baby, share experiences and make friends. It is more than a yoga lesson, it is an experience and a created memory. I am sad to be leaving Post natal yoga but leave with a rejuvenated approach, new friends and an eye on the yoga sessions minus baby ;). Thank you Sue!!! Although I suspect you won't be rid of me that easily :)" (Nicola August '18)

Feedback from my Hatha Yoga classes:

"After many years of back & sciatica problems, indeed not even able to touch my toes, I started Sue's wonderful yoga classes. Two years on I can more than touch my toes! I have much more flexibility, very little pain & feel so much better. I no longer have to attend the pain clinic or take any pain killers.

Sue is a fabulous teacher, she caters to all experience, is informative and fun. She does work us hard sometimes, but no one ever feels under pressure.

I can't imagine how I would be today if I had not started yoga, I highly recommend it to all. My only regret is not having embarked on it years ago. Thank you Sue, keep yogaing!" (Joanna Oct'17)

"I really look forward to Sue's yoga classes. I am naturally very inflexible but, thanks to Sue's classes, I have made huge improvements and feel a lot better for it. Every session is different and Sue is highly skilled at pitching her classes so everyone can enjoy it and make gains, regardless of ability. Sue has an easygoing style and it is very easy to follow her instructions. Her class is the only yoga I've managed to stick with, and now I'm hooked. Totally recommended. Thanks Sue. (Lucy Mar'16)

"I have been attending Sue's classes for 3yrs, her classes are fantastic, she makes you feel at ease, she takes time with you, helps you and makes you feel good about yourself. Her classes are varied, she can accommodate the beginner to intermediate in her classes. Also I always get a great night sleep after yoga, thank you Sue" (Karen Sep'16)

"To anyone looking for an amazing, motivating Yoga teacher, I can't recommend Sue highly enough.  She has made me a much calmer, happier, pain free and more content person.  She is a highly skilled teacher, and her teaching methods allow students to develop their practice in an efficient and safe way at their own pace and to the best of their individual abilities.  Her approach is both caring and challenging, and it is easy to tell that she has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential."

(Angie August'16)

"A kind and caring teacher with a genuine encouraging nature, I find Sue's classes a great mid-week fix to combat the sore neck and tight shoulders I have obtained from years of office work.  Equally rich in detailed instruction and humour, her sessions calm the mind whilst working out the body.  Sue's guidance on posture and breathing have definitely improved my strength and flexibility, whilst reducing my stress levels". (Emma, Oct '16)


1-2-1 YOGA  available in the comfort of your own home or my home. With a private 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 session, or maybe small group sessions, the yoga practice is tailored to meet your needs and requirements with individual attention to help you achieve your goals (including Pregnancy 1-2-1 sessions).

Corporate Yoga - if your company would be interested in me teaching on a lunchtime/before or after work - do get in touch

Follow me on facebook with details of classes/workshops and interesting articles on yoga. 

My page is Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy


Relaxation & Pregnancy massage available in Naphill, daytime/evening & some week-end appointments available.


Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required if an appointment (massage or 1-2-1 yoga) needs to be cancelled or amended, or a charge may be made.