Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy

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Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy with Sue

YOGA Local Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Mother & Baby Yoga classes, Doula Services & Meditation Workshops in Naphill, Hughenden & Walters Ash, near Princes Risborough, Lacey Green, Downley & High Wycombe - daytime & evening classes. 

Beginners always welcome. It is advisable to leave at least 2 hours between eating a meal and attending a class & remember to bring along a mat if you have one and a drink of water.

"I really look forward to Sue's yoga classes. I am naturally very inflexible but, thanks to Sue's classes, I have made huge improvements and feel a lot better for it. Every session is different and Sue is highly skilled at pitching her classes so everyone can enjoy it and make gains, regardless of ability. Sue has an easygoing style and it is very easy to follow her instructions. Her class is the only yoga I've managed to stick with, and now I'm hooked. Totally recommended. Thanks Sue. (Lucy Mar'16)

"I have been attending Sue's classes for 3yrs, her classes are fantastic, she makes you feel at ease, she takes time with you, helps you and makes you feel good about yourself. Her classes are varied, she can accommodate the beginner to intermediate in her classes. Also I always get a great night sleep after yoga, thank you Sue" (Karen Sep'16)

"To anyone looking for an amazing, motivating Yoga teacher, I can't recommend Sue highly enough.  She has made me a much calmer, happier, pain free and more content person.  She is a highly skilled teacher, and her teaching methods allow students to develop their practice in an efficient and safe way at their own pace and to the best of their individual abilities.  Her approach is both caring and challenging, and it is easy to tell that she has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential."

(Angie August'16)

"A kind and caring teacher with a genuine encouraging nature, I find Sue's classes a great mid-week fix to combat the sore neck and tight shoulders I have obtained from years of office work.  Equally rich in detailed instruction and humour, her sessions calm the mind whilst working out the body.  Sue's guidance on posture and breathing have definitely improved my strength and flexibility, whilst reducing my stress levels". (Emma, Oct '16).

PREGNANCY YOGA classes - Thursday evenings, get in touch with me if you are interested as class sizes are limited.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for those 12+ weeks: it will help you breathe & relax, which can enable you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy & birth. It calms the mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout your pregnancy . It's also a great way to meet other 'mums-to-be' and share your exciting journey together. 

NOW taking bookings for next block starting Thursday 1st June

"I really needed antenatal yoga classes! The movements and relaxation were so beneficial and made me feel refreshed every week. And it was lovely to sit with other women at various stages of pregnancy and hear about their weeks. Most of all for me, as a mum of two other young children, this felt like one of the only times I could really focus on my baby and start bonding with him. I had planned a home birth and Sue was incredibly helpful and supportive; providing information and encouragement when I was losing confidence in my choice. Happily I had a wonderful home birth and made good use of my yoga movements and breathing"  Laura Mar'17

" Sue's pregnancy yoga helped me so much in my first pregnancy that as soon as I could I booked straight on for my second pregnancy. It did so much to help me physically but it also gave me time each week to just be with my baby and really become aware of them growing with me. Proper mummy to be down time (which I valued even more second time around!). I highly recommend Sue's classes for absolute every Mummy to be. Thank you Sue!" Amy Apr'17


These classes can be started as soon as Mum has had her 6 week post-natal check. A typical class will include baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (& inspires) their mums; breathing with movement for the mums & postures-for-two to give mums & babies new ways to relate to each other. These classes will provide an excellent route to postnatal recovery that is safe, gentle & energising for mums. 

NOW taking bookings for next block starting Tuesday 30th May

" I highly recommend Sue's yoga classes. Sue is a lovely, warm and caring person and an excellent yoga instructor! I started with the pregnancy yoga classes which were very relaxing and helped me bond with my unborn baby.  Sue taught us breathing techniques and postures to help with labour which I found very useful until my baby decided she didn't want to come out! We joined the Mother & Baby class when my baby was 7 weeks old and we absolutely loved going to these classes, so much so that we stayed until she was 9 1/2 months old! We were very sad to stop going to Mother & Baby yoga but I've just started going to Sue's adult yoga class, which I also love - Sue can't get rid of me, her classes are so good I just keep coming back!!!" (Pip & Gretel Nov'16)


1-2-1 YOGA sessions available in the comfort of your own home or my home. With a private 1-2-1 session, the yoga practice is tailored to meet your needs and requirements with individual attention to help you achieve your goals (including Pregnancy 1-2-1 sessions).

Yoga Classes:

Tuesday 9.45 - 11am Hatha/Flow Yoga -  Naphill Village Hall HP14 4SX

Tuesday 11.15 - 12.15 Mother & Baby YogaNaphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

Tuesday 7.30 - 8.45pm Hatha/Flow Yoga - Naphill & Walters Ash Primary School, Walters Ash HP14 4UL 

Thursday 7.30 - 9pm Pregnancy Yoga - Hughenden Village Hall, Hughenden HP14 4NX

Friday 11 - 12.15 Hatha/Flow Yoga - Naphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

Please note there will be NO yoga classes w/c 15th May as I shall be in London on my YIN teacher training with the wonderful Norman Blair!

MASSAGE Relaxation, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage available in Naphill, daytime & evening appointments available.

(GIFT VOUCHERS Available for all massages)

(Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required if an appointment needs to be cancelled or amended, or a charge may be made).