Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy

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Revitalise Yoga & Massage Therapy with Sue

YOGA Local Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Mother & Baby Yoga classes & Doula Services in Naphill, Hughenden & Walters Ash, near Princes Risborough, Lacey Green, Downley & High Wycombe - daytime & evening classes. Beginners always welcome. It is advisable to leave at least 2 hours between eating a meal and attending a class & remember to bring along a mat if you have one and a drink of water.


PREGNANCY YOGA classes - Thursday evenings, get in touch with me if you are interested as class sizes are limited and demand is high! Pregnancy yoga is suitable for those 12+ weeks: it will help you breathe & relax, which can enable you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy, labour & birth. It calms the mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout your pregnancy . It's also a great way to meet other 'mums-to-be' and share your exciting journey together. 

(Next block starting Thursday 22 September)

"Dear Sue, thank you for your classes and the way you prepared me for the birth of my baby girl. Thanks to your yoga I became less anxious and more relaxed about the labour. It was incredible to 'have survived' the contractions using only the breath techniques you taught me plus a few other tips. I made it through to full dilation! Apart from the yoga itself that I love, I value your passion to what you do. I could always feel very welcome and cared about in your classes. I am now looking forward to come to mother & baby yoga!" (Beata May'16)

"Well I believe Sues pregnancy yoga is a must for every expecting mummy. I absolutely loved every minute of it and looked forward to every class, so I could have an hour and a half of pure time to myself in my own space relaxing and enjoying time with other mums to be. I've met some wonderful friends and drank far too much coffee. Something I think is really important going into the unknown in the next chapter of my life. 

So..... I had to try yoga with my new baby Margot. And what a joy it's been we've enjoyed every Tuesday morning singing songs, massaging Margot and having a moment to unwind and stretch everything out in my own but a little noisier space, something very important with being so busy in this new life. Yes it's a little different to before but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We have loved every minute listening to lots of stories, laughing and meeting the worlds best yoga teacher who is absolutely brilliant, Sue may not have been in that delivery room ( I soooo would have loved her there in person) but her voice was there the whole way through helping me breath and telling me I could do this. And my I made it, I did it and came through it to the other side to this amazing world of mummy hood where we can enjoy all our wonderful classes together. One of them yoga with Sue a magical precious hour spent with my baby. Thank you Sue Xxxxx" (Clare & Margot May'16)


These classes can be started as soon as Mum has had her 6 week post-natal check. A typical class will include baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (& inspires) their mums; breathing with movement for the mums & postures-for-two to give mums & babies new ways to relate to each other. These classes will provide an excellent route to postnatal recovery that is safe, gentle & energising for mums. (Next bock starting Tuesday 20 September)

" Daisy and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Mother and Baby yoga. We have gained so much from Sue's classes - relaxation, re-toning (what felt like destroyed) muscles, fun, baby massage and even things to do which always bring a smile to Daisy's face - she loves flying! But we've also gained a lovely support group of friends. Sue, you have made this journey that much more special and I can't thank you enough. (Amy & Daisy Nov'15).

"Baby yoga was recommended to me by a friend and despite not attending pregnancy yoga first, I was made to feel very welcome by Sue and the class. The class is fun, relaxed and allows time for you and your baby - with baby massage, baby yoga and then yoga for us mummies! I recommend to all my pregnant friends now and love that I have made some lovely new mummy friends xx

(Hayley & Fearne Feb '16).

"I joined Sue for pregnancy yoga after a friend recommended her class and I am so happy she did!Pregnancy put a holt on my gym life due to some of the wonderful joys that come with being pregnant so I was thrilled to find something that I could do right up to birth!I found it to be a great way to relax,stretch and breathe away those stresses! Once my daughter arrived I was so thrilled to return to yoga with her and the great friends I had made along the way,I loved being able to do something with her but getting something for me as well! Perfect combination!" (Clare & Jaime April '16)

'Pregnancy yoga provided the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, mixed with some gentle exercise. Freddie loves baby yoga, and it has just the right mix for both baby and mum. Both provided me with a  great place to meet other mums in the local area. 
Sue is just fantastic, I will definitely be back with any more bumps and babies I have!'  (Julie & Freddie May'16)

'I started baby yoga with Thomas when he was 8 weeks old and finished when he was 7 months! It was lovely to meet up again with mums who I did pregnancy yoga with and to meet new mummies and babies! Throughout the weeks I could really see how Thomas recognised the songs and he really enjoyed doing all the actions too! Sue creates a lovely relaxed and friendly environment where you don't have to panic if your baby needs feeding or changing! Thomas and I have made some great friends from the groups and would recommend them to all mummies to be!' (Laura & Thomas August'16)

1-2-1 YOGA sessions available in the comfort of your own home or my home. With a private 1-2-1 session, the yoga practice is tailored to meet your needs and requirements with individual attention to help you achieve your goals.

Yoga Classes:

Tuesday 9.45 - 11am Hatha/Flow Yoga -  Naphill Village Hall HP14 4SX

Tuesday 11.15 - 12.15 Mother & Baby YogaNaphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

Tuesday 7.30 - 8.45pm Hatha/Flow Yoga - Oakeshott Centre, Walters Ash HP14 4UL

(Tues eve classes re-start Tues 20 September)

Thursday 7.30 - 9pm Pregnancy Yoga - Hughenden Village Hall, Hughenden HP14 4NX

Friday 11 - 12.15 Hatha/Flow Yoga - Naphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

(Friday classes re-start 23 September)

PLEASE NOTE: No classes w/c 5th & 12th September. ALL classes resume on Tuesday 20 September)

MASSAGE Relaxation, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage available in Naphill, daytime & evening appointments available.

(GIFT VOUCHERS Available for all massages)

(Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required if an appointment needs to be cancelled or amended, or a charge may be made).