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YOGA Local Hatha Yoga, YIN Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Mother & Baby Yoga classes, Doula Services & Workshops in Naphill, Hughenden, near Walters Ash, Princes Risborough, Lacey Green, Downley & High Wycombe - daytime & evening classes. 

It is advisable to leave at least 2 hours between eating a meal and attending a class & remember to bring along a mat if you have one and a drink of water. You are welcome to get in touch with me and ask any questions about the different classes & if they may be suitable for you.

Join us and see what a difference yoga can make to your life.

Weekly Yoga Classes:

Tuesday   9.45 - 11am Hatha/Flow Yoga -  Naphill Village Hall HP14 4SX 

Tuesday  11.15 - 12.15 Mother & Baby YogaNaphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX

Thursday 7.30 - 9pm Pregnancy Yoga - Hughenden Village Hall, Hughenden HP14 4NX

Friday      11 - 12.15 Hatha/Flow Yoga - Naphill Village Hall, Naphill HP14 4SX 

1-2-1 YOGA  available in the comfort of your own home or my home. With a private 1-2-1 session, or maybe small group sessions, the yoga practice is tailored to meet your needs and requirements with individual attention to help you achieve your goals (including Pregnancy 1-2-1 sessions).

Corporate Yoga - if your company would be interested in me teaching on a lunchtime/before or after work - do get in touch

Dates for your diaries:

  • There will be NO classes on Friday 1st June - Friday 8th June (all classes resume on Tuesday 12 June)
  • There will be NO classes w/c 25 June & 2 July (all classes resume on Tuesday 10 July)

Feedback from my Hatha Yoga classes:

"Sue's yoga classes are brilliant, they are friendly and welcoming and Sue makes the class fun as well as making you work! They are a great combination of exercise for the muscles and calming for the mind. I always feel balanced and rejuvenated in both mind and body after a class. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wants to try yoga for the first time or who wants to practice yoga regularly and treat themselves to some important relaxation time." (Emma April'18)

"Having never tried yoga before I was a little sceptical.  I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and looked forward to each session.  As a result I feel more able to relax, appreciate my down time and I understand making time for myself is so important. I will certainly be carrying on with yoga and can recommend it to anyone willing to give it a go." (Claire March'18).

"After many years of back & sciatica problems, indeed not even able to touch my toes, I started Sue's wonderful yoga classes. Two years on I can more than touch my toes! I have much more flexibility, very little pain & feel so much better. I no longer have to attend the pain clinic or take any pain killers.

Sue is a fabulous teacher, she caters to all experience, is informative and fun. She does work us hard sometimes, but no one ever feels under pressure.

I can't imagine how I would be today if I had not started yoga, I highly recommend it to all. My only regret is not having embarked on it years ago. Thank you Sue, keep yogaing!" (Joanna Oct'17)

"I really look forward to Sue's yoga classes. I am naturally very inflexible but, thanks to Sue's classes, I have made huge improvements and feel a lot better for it. Every session is different and Sue is highly skilled at pitching her classes so everyone can enjoy it and make gains, regardless of ability. Sue has an easygoing style and it is very easy to follow her instructions. Her class is the only yoga I've managed to stick with, and now I'm hooked. Totally recommended. Thanks Sue. (Lucy Mar'16)

"I have been attending Sue's classes for 3yrs, her classes are fantastic, she makes you feel at ease, she takes time with you, helps you and makes you feel good about yourself. Her classes are varied, she can accommodate the beginner to intermediate in her classes. Also I always get a great night sleep after yoga, thank you Sue" (Karen Sep'16)

"To anyone looking for an amazing, motivating Yoga teacher, I can't recommend Sue highly enough.  She has made me a much calmer, happier, pain free and more content person.  She is a highly skilled teacher, and her teaching methods allow students to develop their practice in an efficient and safe way at their own pace and to the best of their individual abilities.  Her approach is both caring and challenging, and it is easy to tell that she has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential."

(Angie August'16)

"A kind and caring teacher with a genuine encouraging nature, I find Sue's classes a great mid-week fix to combat the sore neck and tight shoulders I have obtained from years of office work.  Equally rich in detailed instruction and humour, her sessions calm the mind whilst working out the body.  Sue's guidance on posture and breathing have definitely improved my strength and flexibility, whilst reducing my stress levels". (Emma, Oct '16).


Next Block starts on Thursday 14 June  - (class dates 14/6, 21/6, 12/7, 19/7, 26/7 & 2,8) - 2 places available

Weekly classes every Thursday evening in Hughenden Village Hall. The classes combine breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy, giving birth and to cope with the demands of motherhood. We do different yoga each week, specifically tailored to the relaxin that pregnant ladies have in their bodies, leaving you energised and yet relaxed. We practice different positions for giving birth, pelvic floor work and then close with a nourishing relaxation.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for those 12+ weeks, it's also a great way to meet other 'mums-to-be' and share your exciting journey together. The classes run in short blocks of 6.

'I started pregnancy yoga with no previous experience and was really not sure what to expect. Being a first time mum I was also extremely nervous about the whole birthing experience that was to come. However Sue was extremely encouraging and after my first session I felt really empowered, and for the first time felt like ‘I can do this!’. The sessions provided me with different breathing techniques, birthing positions and coping mechanisms, all of which I used during my labour. Sue is a outstanding yoga teacher and her positive demeanour is infectious and ensures you leave with a positive mindset ready to take on the hurdles that labour can throw at you. Thank you Sue, a truly fantastic experience. I will most definitely be back when/if we have another one' (Nicki May'18)

"I have really enjoyed Pregnancy Yoga with Sue, it has been very relaxing, informative and the breathing techniques that we were taught really helped me during labour. The class created an opportunity to relax and prepare in body and mind for childbirth. Practicising labour breathing was very valuable, and learning how to relax which I was not previously very good at.  A  relaxing class in which I met and shared experiences with other pregnant women. 

Thank you for all your help and your kind, calming influence, I cant wait to join your mother and baby class soon" (Reina April '18)

'Sue's yoga class was the highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy - it was wonderful to tune out the chaos and focus on myself and my baby for a little while. The 'round robin' at the beginning of each class was a great opportunity to let off steam a bit and Sue was full of little tips that helped me to stay calm and positive about the whole experience. The yoga was just the right pace for me to feel relaxed and lightly exercised, and I made several new 'mum' friends who I still see today. I highly recommend Sue's classes - the mother and baby yoga is great too!'  (Emily Feb '18)

" I was really torn between pregnancy pilates or pregnancy yoga, having already done pilates for a bad back but having Sue's yoga classes highly recommended by my midwife. I did some research about both online and still couldn't decide. I booked into both in the end, slightly sceptical that yoga may be a bit 'hippy' for me. However, after attending my first class with Sue I was hooked and gave up the pilates.
I loved having some time out to simply focus on myself and my unborn baby and begin developing our bond. We learnt some techniques to help during labour and the birth and also did lots of work on the pelvic floor muscles.
The classes were always really positive and with a chance each week to share pregnancy stories/worries and excitment which was often reassuring and again left me feeling positive.
I have now had my baby and have signed up for mother and baby yoga with Sue which my son and I both love. I really enjoy the opportunity to do something fun and structured with him and feel we both benefit from attending classes. These classes have built my confidence as a mother from the yoga and massage we practice each week, helping my baby and I get to know each other better, and the sharing of information between other new mums. Again, Sue makes these classes very positive and there is never a worry about if babies need to be fed, changed or sleep. Despite it being a positive thing, that these classes help with, i'll be really sad when my son becomes mobile and it is time to say goodbye to Sue". (Deborah Jan'18)

"The weekly yoga sessions with Sue were a real highlight of the week for me during my pregnancy. It keeps you fit, chills you out and prepares you for labour. I recommend it to all!"(Rachel Dec '17)

"I personally loved my yoga classes with Sue and looked forward the class each week. It was my first pregnancy and I had some anxiety about the birth I found the classes really helped me to relax and connect with my baby.
I have recommended the class to lots of my friends as I felt it got me through labour and helped me cope, the midwifes were impressed with my breathing techniques!" (Katie Nov '17)

"Pregnancy yoga with Sue made the physically difficult parts of my pregnancy much more manageable. I had some lower back ache, some reflux and also fluid build up - for all of which Sue was able to offer ways to ease my discomfort and stretch out my back by offering specific moves in the sessions and giving me the confidence to know what to do when I was back at home. The breathing techniques with added visualisation were strong anchors for me during the early phase of labour. The Golden Breath was really quite powerful. I also made friends with two other new mums to be on the course". (Hayley May'17)

"Pregnancy yoga with Sue formed a wonderful part of my pregnancy with my first baby, earlier this year. Coming together with ladies at varying stages of pregnancy to be led by Sue in yoga practise allowed me a dedicated space each week, where I could focus solely on me, my pregnancy and my baby - something I found brought me great physical and mental benefits. The yoga positions and breathing techniques helped me enormously during the latter stages of my pregnancy. I absolutely loved the positive energy Sue spreads. Her knowledge of pregnancy and birth and empathy with mums were a terrific bonus to attending the classes. I definitely recommend pregnancy yoga with Sue to any Mummies to be!"  (Charyn July'17)

"I started Sue's pregnancy yoga at 14 weeks pregnant, I'd just hit a point where I was feeling really tired and lethargic and exercise went out of the window. Sue's yoga revitalised me and helped improve my motivation drastically. This is my first pregnancy and I felt that Sue helped me to gain a really positive perspective of labour and provided lots of information about how to manage my anxieties about birth. She shares lots of positive birth stories and was so helpful and approachable about any worries or questions I had. I would definitely recommend any mum to be to take part in Sue's yoga, it's a fantastic way to exercise and Sue provides a calming, fun, friendly and informative yoga session. It's the best thing I did when I was pregnant, I also met lots of different ladies who I'm still in contact with now" (Helen July'17) 

"Sue is such a wonderful lady, who has definitely found her calling & I would recommend her pregnancy yoga classes to anyone. No need to have done any yoga before. The weekly sessions helped me to stay so relaxed & comfortable throughout pregnancy, providing a little 90 minute oasis away from the world. I gained a better understanding of how my body was changing and how to strengthen the right muscles.
Sue's cheerful nature added fun to the classes helping me prepare for birth; potential positions and noises.
The breathing exercises helped keep me, and the other half, calm throughout labour and we welcomed our beautiful bundle of joy to the world after an uncomplicated birth using the techniques I'd learnt, along with just gas & air and a tens machine. 
All I can say is a massive thank you to Sue! Can't wait to come back for Mother & Baby yoga with you"! (Lucia Sep'17)

"I absolutely loved Sue's pregnancy yoga classes. Sue was always so warm, friendly and helpful. Equally, all the ladies were very welcoming and open, so it also acted like a support group. And most importantly, it helped me feel calm and connected to my baby each week, whilst preparing me for labour. Arya was born through the "golden breath!"  (Helen Nov'17)


Next block starts on Tuesday 12 June (class dates 12/6, 19/6, 10/7, 17/7, 24/7 & 31/7) - 1 place available


These classes can be started as soon as Mum has had her 6 week post-natal check. A typical class will include baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (& inspires) their mums; breathing with movement for the mums & postures-for-two to give mums & babies new ways to relate to each other. These classes will provide an excellent route to postnatal recovery that is safe, gentle & energising for mums. The classes run in short blocks of 6.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Sue's mother and baby yoga classes - it is my favourite class of the week. It's a great opportunity for me to do some yoga and Eva loves the baby massage. I have met lots of other mums there and we normally have lunch and a catch up at the cafe next door afterwards. I would recommend Sue's classes to anyone looking to learn baby massage in a friendly fun environment" (Andrea & Eva March '18)

" I highly recommend Sue's yoga classes. Sue is a lovely, warm and caring person and an excellent yoga instructor! I started with the pregnancy yoga classes which were very relaxing and helped me bond with my unborn baby.  Sue taught us breathing techniques and postures to help with labour which I found very useful until my baby decided she didn't want to come out! We joined the Mother & Baby class when my baby was 7 weeks old and we absolutely loved going to these classes, so much so that we stayed until she was 9 1/2 months old! We were very sad to stop going to Mother & Baby yoga but I've just started going to Sue's adult yoga class, which I also love - Sue can't get rid of me, her classes are so good I just keep coming back!!!" (Pip & Gretel Nov'16)


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Relaxation & Pregnancy massage available in Naphill, daytime/evening & some week-end appointments available.


(Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required if an appointment needs to be cancelled or amended, or a charge may be made).                

24-29 June 2018 - La Hacienda Yoga Retreat for the mind, body & spirit

Join me for 5 days of yoga & mediation amongst the peace and tranquility of the 'real' Andalucian countryside. 

There will be daily meditation, followed by morning Hatha flow yoga classes. You will then have free time to have a swim in the infinity pool, take a nap, read a book, have a massage or explore the wonderful countryside. In the evening there will be Yin/Restorative yoga classes before dinner and then Yoga Nidra before bedtime.

Classes are all optional, this is your retreat, so feel free to enjoy, relax and maybe find personal reflection & stillness. This is your time.........

Rooms are twin beds with en-suite and their own balconies and terrace views of the mountains and umbrella pine forest.

A fresh prepared daily vegetarian menu is created by 2 Spanish Chefs using a selection of seasonal local produce. Morning brunch after class and a 3 course dinner after evening class, with snacks available in between so you will not be hungry!

Price £645 pp (retreat does not include transfers or flights). 

Please get in touch for more information or with any questions